Twitter tells us what’s lost out there…

Baby Prince on a Moped

So, about a week or so ago we thought we’d launch this little label with minimal fanfare and start tweeting. We have release #1 in the pipeline and we’ll be announcing that and shouting about it from the roof tops soon enough, so we thought we’d ease in and just tweet to tell people what we’re planning for this label. From the off we’ve been inundated with tweets and emails from people who have ideas for lost music that we should try and release.

We’ve been told about a hardcore band that recorded a never-released album of unlistenable Captain Beefheart covers as a way to fulfill major label contract obligations. There’s been mention of a few indie bands of the late 90s who released albums in Japan only, leaving UK fans with nothing. Rumours abound of 30+ albums worth of unreleased Prince tracks (yes, there was a reason for that ridiculous picture) and an unreleased David Bowie film soundtrack. We’ve already lost count of the bands we’ve been told of that released successful singles only to have their label pull the plug on them before they could release their album.

If you do know of bands/artists who are sat on unreleased tracks or albums, we want to know. While Prince and Bowie may be a little skeptical about the pair of us releasing their tunes, we’re hoping to find plenty of others who won’t be. So get in touch!

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