CMU, Metaphorical boats and THE CLUB

Wow – what a day it was yesterday – so just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for making us feel so welcome. The club is GO, in a dramatic manner at that, and it was awesome to see that the dudes at CMU were keen to spread the news in their daily bulletin and on the website.

There’s plenty more to come too, and amongst it was this super rad post from the Metaphorical BoatIt was even on Hype Machine, see. We also learnt that our London Launch Party (which you are coming too, right) see’s Speedy clash with Therapy? What year is this anyway… 🙂

Also – our limited run release of the News from Nowhere album is flying out fast, so do get your hands on one in the shop. It’s out 17 years too late but, y’know – we’ve rectified that finally. Awesome! WELCOME TO THE CLUB!

Lost Music Club on CMU

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