The lost Britpop classic you were never meant to hear

In the few short weeks since we launched this niche little label, there have been so many exciting things going on. We got featured on the CMU, asked to write about what we’re doing for the Guardian Music Blog, made plenty of new pals on Facebook and Twitter, and received tip-offs for future releases by the bucket load. The most exciting thing, however, has been the build up to our very first release and we’re finally almost there!

album sleeve

On Monday we will proudly be releasing LOSTMUSICCLUB001 – Speedy’s long overdue debut album, News From Nowhere! 17 years later than originally scheduled, this glorious slice of joyful Britpop with choruses, horns, wit and charm a-plenty will finally be available. “Where?” we hear you cry! Well…

You can buy your limited CD in handmade sleeve in our shop here

You can pre-order from iTunes here

You can also buy them directly from us and get a free handshake and/or hug from the merch’ stands at Speedy’s only two live shows. Yes, Speedy are back on stage for the first time since 1997. Don’t call it a comeback, it’s more of a flashback – so the band keep reminding us.

Speedy now

You can catch their first live performance in 17 years at Birthdays, Dalston, North London tomorrow, April 4th, along with Uncle Luc and Violet Hours. Tickets are free.

Their homecoming Sheffield gig is Saturday 5th April at The Leadmill. Tickets are just £5 and you’re advised to book in advance to avoid disappointment. Buy your tickets here.

speedy live

We are hugely proud to have this as our first release and can’t wait for the world to finally hear this lost classic. Hopefully see you this weekend!

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