Britpop’s underdogs – 17 years late, but still loved

Speedy live

After 17 years unheard, it’s been genuinely quite moving to have been able to finally release Speedy’s debut album. News from Nowhere really is the 90s gem that was denied its place on the shelves of Britpop’s bedrooms. The band’s two incredible live shows to promote the album were fantastic and fitting shows – one in London at a venue that didn’t exist when the band last toured; the other at Sheffield’s Leadmill, a venue that’s so intrinsically linked to the band that they actually helped build part of it 20 years ago.

It’s also pretty awesome that we’re not the only ones who think it’s great to have the album out. People have been saying some lovely stuff…

Sarah Lay on Louder than War:

“An indiepop band making punchy tracks, and sounding like they’re having a damn fine time doing so. And irrisistable energy, a tempting charisma. If the past is a foreign country, Speedy may just be able to stamp your passport and take you on 14-track tour.”

Big Cat Merv on The Same Mixtapes:

“The album, quite simply, sounds better for having been put on the back burner all this time. In 1997, News From Nowhere would have been a little lost in the Britpop mix, as the band themselves were, and undeservedly so. It’s a fantastic record. It well deserves to see the light of day after all this time, and hats off to Lost Music Club for unearthing it. With it being released now, it sounds fresh, and different to what classes as mainstream indie music today, and will serve as a reminder to younger music fans that Blur, Oasis and Pulp were not the only bands that represented the Britpop sound.”

Nick Quantrill on Britpop News:

News from Nowhere is no curio with time giving it a fresh perspective well away from the heady days of Britpop. Maybe if the album had appeared in the shops at the peak of Britpop, or one of the singles had entered the Top 40, it might have been a different story.Take Definitely Maybe and Parklife out of the Britpop equation and it’s an album that more than holds its own against its contemporaries, yet also has plenty to offer listeners now. If you like classic British song writing, News from Nowhere, is a welcome and unexpected surprise.”

It’s not those that remember the band first time round that have been singing its praises. Joel from The Album Wall was just six years-old in 1997 and still loved it:

“The best bits of this album are very good indeed, laden as they are with synthetic brass lines and that exquisite Englishness that seemed to die with the turn of the millennium. News From Nowhere still comes coated in a layer of sweet, glorious nostalgia – you’ll feel just like it’s 1997 again. Even if, like me, you don’t really remember 1997.”

The live shows didn’t go without praise. As Nick from Britpop Revival wrote in an excellent extended review:

“So who would actually turn out for a band that had no proper hits and were last seen 17 years ago? It turns out the answer is hundreds of people, many of whom are wearing Speedy T-shirts.”

And as local paper, The Sheffield Star noted wisely:

“After an encore reprise of their near-hit single Boy Wonder and an on-stage selfie, Speedy made their exit for the final time. They won’t be doing it again, so if you want to hear them now you’ll have to purchase the album.”





Huge thanks to everyone that’s played a part in making our first release such a success. Watch this space for more news (not from nowhere).

*Thanks to Kevin Wells for the great live photos*

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