What’s next for The Lost Music Club?

Where the hell have we been?!
It’s been a good few months since we last updated this site; so where the hell have we been?! Well, we got lostmusicclub1 out in April – Speedy’s excellent News from Nowhere – and took a bit of a breather. I (Liam) got busy with my day job then went and got married and relaxed on honeymoon. Jack got busy with Alcopop! marking 100 releases by re-releasing Len’s Steal My Sunshine and going on to sign AcollectiveEmperor Yes and Waylayers. It’s been all stations go, but we’re back with our Lost Music Club hats on and gearing up for release number 2!
What’s release number 2 going to be?
Well, we’ll let you know very soon… we’re just finalising details but announcements will be made very soon. What I can say is that it’s an album that was scheduled for original release in 2010 and you should look at penciling in October 28th in your diaries. 
Any other news?
Sure! We have release number 2 lined up and we have irons in the fire for 3, 4 and beyond. We are, as ever, on the look out for lost music deserving of a release so if you do know of any, get in touch

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