Thank you from The Cheek and The Lost Music Club


The gig

On October 28th not only did their debut album finally see the light of day, but The Cheek hit the stage at birthdays for the last ever time. It was hot, messy, frantic and emotional as the band played through the album for a packed room of fans. It’s an evening that is hard to describe without delving into the realms of sycophancy and cliched internet exaggeration. Needless to say, you really should have been there. If you were there and you took better photos than us – drop us an email!

Get hold of the album

Since the gig we’ve been busy dispatching orders of the album. We’re currently on first name terms with everyone at the post office, having shipped orders to Japan, the US, Brazil, Belgium, Germany, and at least one country I had to check was real. If you want to make sure you’ve got your copy…

buy the limited CD version here

buy it from iTunes here

buy the MP3s from Amazon here

stream it on Spotify here

What’s next?

Well The Cheek are sadly no more, but we’re sure you’ve not heard the last of them individually and in various other guises. For The Lost Music Club? Well, our hunt for unreleased lost music continues. There’s news in the pipeline, so watch this space.

Thank you!

On behalf of The Cheek and The Lost Music Club, thank you to everyone who played a part in this release. From the people sat at home ordering the album from far flung places, to those that dragged Rory above their heads during The Cheek’s final song at Birthdays. Thank you.

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