What is Lost Music Club?

The Lost Music Club

The Lost Music Club is a new label bringing to light new music from old favourites. Our aim is to unearth unreleased gems that’ve sat unheard and potentially lost forever and introduce them to a wider audience through digital and physical releases. We’re not talking about the un-bought albums listed on Amazon, we’re talking about the apocryphal recordings that never made it to the public domain – the debut album that never got released, the demo tapes for the second album that never was, or the early tracks that never made the cut. If there’s a rumour it exists, we want to know. This is not about nostalgia. This is about hearing new music from artists that fans love. They may not be the biggest artists out there, but if we think there’s an audience for it, then we’ll look at doing something about it.

Who is behind it?

The Lost Music Club is a joint venture between Liam from 1p Album Club and Jack from Alcopop! Records – two longstanding friends and music fans. Liam founded and edits 1p Album Club, a review blog that uses the criminal under-pricing of internet giants as a way of revisiting and rediscovering great albums. Jack runs the award-winning Alcopop! Records, a UK based independent label born from – and dedicated to – the finest indie pop the world has to offer!

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