Our Bands!



The Cheek (formerly Cheeky Cheeky and The Nosebleeds) are Woodbridge’s finest indie export. With a frantic live reputation and a cult following, their debut album was due in 2010 but never surfaced. The bloated major label machine that picked up the teen five-piece for a six-figure sum seemed to be spluttering to the end of its overblown life. As the music industry changed, got used to the Spotify take over and streaming grew exponentially, their major label home stripped back and bid them adieu. Their album, Lovers’ Quarrel, had not been heard since, but now takes its place as lostmsicclub02 and will be available for the first time.


Speedy launch image banner version<< SPEEDY >>

Speedy, formed in 1993 from the twisted remains of Sheffield’s stylophone-toting, love bitten anti-heroes Blammo. They were as much a part of the city’s scene as Pulp, Longpigs and Henderson’s Relish. But, in an all too familiar story, the “relentless touring on a diet of amphetamine, beer and chips, a radio 1 single of the week and appearing on any two-bit national and regional TV show that would have us…” wasn’t enough. Speedy were chewed up by the industry before their debut album had so much as been lifted from the studio’s tape machine (“and, yes kids, tape really did used to exist!”)

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